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About Liv

With an enveloping earthy scent reminiscent of a jaunt in the forest, Liv surrounds the senses with the scent of freshly turned soil enhanced with hints of savory spice and sweet citrus. The smooth, woodsy taste is complemented with bursts of zesty lemon for a well-rounded and unexpected experience. Patients who use this uplifting strain have described the effect to be both energetic and relaxing, helping to reduce mental tension while leaving the mind clear and focused. In addition to relieving stress, patients have also experienced relief from depression, pain, fatigue and headaches.

Thanks to its strong heritage, the sativa-dominant Liv is high in THC and contains high amounts of the terpenes humulene and terpinolene. Responsible for the strain’s earthy aroma, humulene is a known antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Terpinolene has a fresh, citrus aroma and is thought to have antioxidant, antibacterial and antifungal potential.

The carefully trimmed buds are moderately dense and light green in colour, sprinkled with hints of brown from the many visible pistils. A full coating of trichomes leaves the bud with a pretty frosted appearance.

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Earn 200 Lift Points ($2 value) from Lift on every gram of Liv purchased (proof of purchase required). To learn more about Lift’s points program and how to redeem your points on your next order, visit lift.co/points.

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To make Liv possible, Lift has partnered with the fine growers at Emblem, a fully integrated Canadian medical cannabis, healthcare and cannabinoid-based pharmaceutical company licensed to carry on business as a producer of medical cannabis by the Government of Canada. Fun!